Project Description

The Tangerine Set was the last knitting pattern published by Heather Wielding Designs. This set consists of a lazy-curve vortex shawlette, and fingerless gloves. Both items feature little innovations of my own accord. The shawlette sports a crochet picot cast off, and the gloves a top-down thumb gusset.

Most of my knitting patterns were suitable for beginners, and The Tangerine Set makes no exception. The set is worked without purled stitches, which made it easy and fun to create. The shawlette features a garter stitch surface. Thanks to this, the shawlette is completely reversible. I find this to be important with shawl and scarves. A flowing garment reveals both its sides, and I want them both to look nice. Garter stitch creates two matching sides, which I find perfect for shawls.

The gloves are made with stockinette. This gives them a smooth texture. For cast on and cast off edges, I chose to go with knit picots. This technique allows the gloves to be made without ribbing, and gives a feminine detail to the finished item. I designed the gloves to be made with left-over yarn. They're worked top down, which means the writs can be made as long (or as short) as desired. Working a glove top down presents a small problem, though. Thumb gusset, that is. Most top down glove patterns don't have a shaped thumb. I wanted mine to have one, so I turned an Indian thumb gusset upside down. The end result was a perfectly fitted, super-comfy glove.


I love the way The Tangerine Set turned out. It's beautiful, versatile, and easy to make. The pattern included all of the features I wanted to offer my customers: comfort, functionality, and a relaxing knitting project.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

Knit Design


Knitting Patterns

Project Date:

January 11, 2019

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