Project Description

The Pretty Basics were all designed for elastic materials. They were beginner-friendly, and targeted for everyday wear. I wanted, however, to add a party dress to the mix. Something simple, something classic, something… black. I took a piece of high-quality cotton jersey, and paired it up with a striped mesh. The combination of these two materials was the perfect mix of see-through and full coverage.

I wanted The Party Dress to be, above all, easy to wear. It was to go with many kinds of accessories, and compliment many kinds of styles. I chose a slightly widening, knee-length hem to make the dress comfortable and modest, and balanced it out with a mesh yoke. The yoke was made with one piece only: it had no shoulder seams. The elasticity of the mesh made this possible, allowing me to force the yoke into a shoulder-hugging shape.

The Party Dress had long sleeves made with two materials. The lower sleeve flaunted the stripy mesh, while the upper sleeve was made with soft cotton. The mesh had a better drape, so choosing it for the widening lower sleeve was the natural choice.

This dress is deceitfully simple. Though it is easy to sew, and fun to wear, a number of aligned seams give it both a bit of challenge in sewing, and a perfected finish. Our Party Dress came with another variation, too. Instead of mesh, this LBD flaunted lace. It came with a low-cut neckline at the back, and ¾ sleeves. For this dress, I used a viscose jersey mainly because of personal preference.

I love the way these two dresses turned out. The pattern was fully illustrated, offering step-by-step instructions on how to put these dresses together. I preferred to make my instructions as detailed as possible instead of just listing the necessary steps like many other pattern companies do. I felt it gave a personal touch to my patterns, and hopefully made sewing feel relaxing.

The Party Dress was not only easy to sew, but also fun to style. This dress was one of my absolute favourite canvases for creating cute looks, and I wanted to incorporate two styles for the photos.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

Sewing Design


Sewing Patterns

Project Date:

April 26, 2019

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