Project Description

Viscose jersey is by far my favourite material to both work with and wear. As I decided to create a line of beginner-friendly garments, the elastic and breathable material was the obvious choice. The Pretty Basic Jersey Dress was the first Pretty Basic to see daylight. It’s a short bodycon dress with two neckline and cuff options. Designed for elastic materials, this dress is guaranteed to be super comfortable. I always kept the so called model garments, and my black Jersey Dress is to date my go-to dress. It’s so easy to pull on a busy day, and it goes with everything.

I wanted the simple dress to have a bit of variety. The pattern included instructions on how to alter both sleeve and hem length. This way, each sewist had the option to make the dress look exactly the way they wanted. The pattern offered a long sleeved version with an open neckline, a long sleeved version with a closed neckline, and various variations in between. The choices started from a short sleeved mini dress and ranged to a long sleeved maxi dress!

The reason why I chose to create such a simple pattern is as simple as the dress itself: such a dress wasn’t available. Clothing stores and pattern companies offered challenging designs and detailed garments, but rarely basic clothes for work and fun. I decided to pick up the slack, and put together a collection of basics. These designs all went together, and their parts were fully interchangeable. I wanted sewists to be able to create their own designs based on my patterns, to explore the wonders of Frankensteining with pieces that are meant to go together.

The Jersey Dress, along with the entire Pretty Basics line, was beginner-friendly. Making these simple dresses, skirts, and tops didn’t require much knowledge about sewing, or fancy tools or embellishments. All you really needed was fabric, a serger, and the desire to create.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

Sewing Design


Sewing Patterns

Project Date:

April 26, 2019

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