Project Description

The internet is full of easy crescent shawls and scarves, and I wanted to add my design to the mix. Lune was born after I watched quite a few Marvel-films, and found two balls of yarn in my stash in shades of black and green. The yarn was soft and warm, a chunky wool-blend, and it desperately wanted to be a scarf. I rarely say “no” when yarn speaks to me, so I cast on a stripy garter scarf.

When designing knitting patterns, I wanted to make certain they were comprehensive and easy to create. Beginner friendly patterns are surprisingly scarce. Making them was more rewarding than creating intricate designs. Simple things knit up quickly, go with everything, and bring a lot of joy. They serve as confidence boosters for beginning knitters, and TV-projects for more experienced ones. As they are often fast to knit, they also make excellent last minute presents.

Lune featured a two-row stripe repeat, a garter surface, and a crochet trim. The pattern also came with a trick to making the yarn carrying edge neat and tidy. Lune was designed to be versatile and reversible, and to go with all kinds of styles.

To offer more choices, the pattern came with stitch count for two types of yarn, and two colour examples. Naturally each knitter makes their own choices regarding shades of yarn, but it’s nice to see a finished example product in more than one colour. Lune also came with two options for the crochet edge. I wanted to offer a choice that was feminine in a classic way, and an edge that bore an androgynous feel. The purple Lune is ideal for a feminine wardrobe, and the green one can work as a unisex style.

As a quick and easy project, Lune still is my go-to knit. I love the crescent shape, and the way Lune settles around the neck. It was featured in outfit posts more than once, and working with it was always a lot of fun.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

Knit Design


Knitting Patterns


Heather Wielding Designs

Project Date:

February 18, 2019

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