Project Description

Shrugs are one of my favourite things to knit. They’re quick to make, fun to wear, and the perfect opportunity to flaunt some cabling skills. The Faux Cable Shrug was designed to be snug and warm, and to suit any kind of yarn from wool to cotton to mohair.

Shrugs are usually started from the back piece. I wanted to rebel up, and started with the sleeves. They were worked shoulder down, and featured faux cable columns. Starting from the shoulder and working down toward the cuff allowed each knitter to use a certain amount of yarn for the sleeves. This was handy especially if one had a limited amount of yarn. To gain a shape that seems to widen toward the wrist, I knit the sleeve straight without further shaping.

The back piece followed the traditional method of shrug making. I used stockinette to create a smooth back, and knit it without shaping. As an afterthought, it would have been to shape the arm scythes on the back piece. This would have made the shrug even more comfortable. Knit fabric gives, though, and allows for comfy wear even in a straighter form.

The border is the vocal point of this shrug. It’s snug and cozy, and worked entirely with faux cables. This stitch repeat appears similar to a ribbed edge, but bears a certain femininity. Faux cables follow each other in orderly lines, and are easily created without cable needles.

The cast off edges of cuffs and border were finished with a crochet shell edge. I liked to add crochet details into knit garments, and this shrug was no exception to that rule. The shell edge gave the shrug a polished feel, and added another feminine detail to it. The Faux Cable Shrug still remains as one of my favourite knits, and would be a wardrobe staple if it weren’t so… green.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

Knit Design


Knitting Patterns


Heather Wielding Designs

Project Date:

August 8, 2014

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