Faux Cable Shrug

Shrugs are one of my favourite things to knit. They’re quick to make, fun to wear, and the perfect opportunity to flaunt some cabling skills. The Faux Cable Shrug was designed to be snug and warm, and to suit any kind of yarn from wool to cotton to mohair. Shrugs are usually started from the back piece. I wanted to rebel up, and started with the sleeves. They were worked


The internet is full of easy crescent shawls and scarves, and I wanted to add my design to the mix. Lune was born after I watched quite a few Marvel-films, and found two balls of yarn in my stash in shades of black and green. The yarn was soft and warm, a chunky wool-blend, and it desperately wanted to be a scarf. I rarely say “no” when yarn speaks to

The Tangerine Set

The Tangerine Set was the last knitting pattern published by Heather Wielding Designs. This set consists of a lazy-curve vortex shawlette, and fingerless gloves. Both items feature little innovations of my own accord. The shawlette sports a crochet picot cast off, and the gloves a top-down thumb gusset. Most of my knitting patterns were suitable for beginners, and The Tangerine Set makes no exception. The set is worked without purled

Pretty Basic Jersey Dress

Viscose jersey is by far my favourite material to both work with and wear. As I decided to create a line of beginner-friendly garments, the elastic and breathable material was the obvious choice. The Pretty Basic Jersey Dress was the first Pretty Basic to see daylight. It’s a short bodycon dress with two neckline and cuff options. Designed for elastic materials, this dress is guaranteed to be super comfortable. I

Pretty Basic Party Dress

The Pretty Basics were all designed for elastic materials. They were beginner-friendly, and targeted for everyday wear. I wanted, however, to add a party dress to the mix. Something simple, something classic, something… black. I took a piece of high-quality cotton jersey, and paired it up with a striped mesh. The combination of these two materials was the perfect mix of see-through and full coverage. I wanted The Party Dress

Cropped Raglan Top

When creating knitting patterns, I wanted to stick to basic stitches and techniques. I love lace and quirky shapes, but sometimes, they can prove a bit too challenging. The Cropped Raglan Top, though, is the perfect example of just how much can be accomplished with basic stitches and beginner-level skills alone. I toyed around with the idea for this top for a long time before casting on. I wanted a

Faerie Dragon

The Faerie Dragon is one of the few patterns I didn’t plan for. It was born on a complete whim, and came out amazing. I received two skeins of hand-dyed silk-merino yarn for my Birthday. One skein was a beautiful purple, and the other a wild mix of greens and pinks. One shade of pink matched the purple skein perfectly, and I decided to let the two play together. The

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